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Graduation Requirements

Street School is accredited by Tulsa Public Schools.

A Senior shall graduate from the Tulsa Public Schools District if he/she has earned a total of 23 credits, which include:

  • 4 in English
  • 3 in Mathematics
  • 3 in Science
  • 3 in Social Studies
  • 2 in Computer Technology OR World Language
  • 2 in Fine Arts
  • 1 in Physical Education
  • 5 in Electives*
  • Demonstrate proficiency on four (4) state mandated exams including English II and Algebra I (required). Plus two from the following: history, biology I, geometry and algebra II.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on all fourteen (14) modules including Personal Financial Literacy curriculum
  • ACE legislation requires one additional unit in one of the following areas: English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Computer Technology or World Language. This course must be approved to meet college admission requirements.

Click here for a downloadable information sheet from the Oklahoma State Department of Education.