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For Students

Street School’s mission as a non-profit, alternative education and counseling program is to provide a supportive community for students who have chosen to continue their education in a non-traditional setting.  Our comprehensive and individualized services enable students to reach their potential and become responsible and productive adults.

Street School Course Offerings

  • Science:  Biology, Life Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science
  • Math:  Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
  • Art:  Art I, Form & Design, Graphic Design, Color & Design
  • Social Studies:  World History, Oklahoma History, US History, US Government
  • English:  I, II, III, IV
  • Technology
  • Life Skills:  Family & Consumer Science, PE/Health, Adult & Family Living, Leadership
  • Internship: Personal Financial Literacy, Career Orientation

 Hannah, 17

 “Everyone thinks Street School is where the “bad kids” go.  It’s not like that. Street School is a place for kids whose education had to take a back seat for awhile. Students at Street School had already dropped out or were on the verge of not going back to their traditional school anymore.  Period.  Just because of the name – “Street School” –  people associate us with something negative.

Street School is judgement free zone where kids can get back on track not only with their education but with life. Street School is a family. The teachers and counselors really care and want you to succeed.