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Zach’s Story

My parents were born in Accra, Ghana. They moved to the United States for a better life and I am thankful to be an American citizen. Family is a very strong bond in Ghana and is the source of your identity, loyalty and responsibility. Family obligations take precedence over everything else.

The Street School Senior Class of 2016 is also my family. We are just as loyal to each other as blood family and it is understood that getting to this day is a responsibility we shared.

Before coming to Street School, I was told plenty of negative things at the other school I attended. . . .

  • I was told I was a failure.
  • I was told I would never become a senior.
  • I was told I would never graduate from high school.

At my other school, I couldn’t focus. There was too much distraction.  Other kids made my life stressful.  I struggled and I acted out to protect myself.

The funny thing is, the people who were supposed to be guiding me to success and have my back kept telling me I would fail!   I felt they just couldn’t “get me” and what I needed.  I nearly gave in.

Street School has done so much for me I don’t even know where to begin.  Coming to Street School is an opportunity I never wanted to take for granted.  Because of Street School and my own hard work, I am on my way to Tulsa Tech where I have been accepted into the Aerospace Academy.  

As I prepare to start this next chapter in my life, I want to make my parents proud.  I will be on my own soon with my own family to raise and I will share my story of what it was like to graduate from Street School.   I will do my part to pass along the importance of knowing who you are, being loyal and understanding the responsibility of what it means to graduate from Street School.

UPDATE: Zach graduated from Street School in 2016 and from TTC in 2018. He is working in the aerospace industry in Tulsa, Oklahoma making a good wage and supporting himself.