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Sean’s Story

Sean Wilson and son 1

Sean’s mother enrolled him in Street School when he was 15. Due to circumstances at home Street School became Sean’s life-line. The school provided therapeutic counseling and numerous resources to allow Sean to focus on his education and a path to success. In 1989 Sean graduated from Street School and joined the army. His first stop, while on leave after five months in Saudi Arabia, was to Street School. He could not get back to Street School fast enough because it was the one place Sean knew they would be proud of his accomplishments and eager to hear about his life since graduating. Street School felt like family to Sean.

Recently, Sean made the decision to adopt a child. “All children need stability, a sense of belonging and opportunities to grow,” said Sean. “That is what Street School did for me. They made me feel loved and were my “family.” I wanted to pay it forward and adopting a child seemed natural because that is what Street School did for me.” Every year Sean sends a donation to Street School to help others. He currently lives in California with his wife, two children and owns a successful realty company.