Admission & Orientation

There is an application process for admission into Street School. Our award winning program is successful because we have a small student body. At Street School, there are no more than 96 students for ALL grades, 9 through 12. There is always a waiting list. However, we work hard to keep the list manageable and maintain communication.


Street School is on a modified block schedule and we are able to add more students every six weeks to maintain a maximum capacity of 96 students. At the end of every six weeks, some students graduate, move or decide Street School isn’t right for them. Those empty slots are filled with names from the waiting list.


The first step in the enrollment process is to find out when the next Street School orientation is. At orientation, you will learn more about Street School and meet the intake counselor. Orientation is held in the Street School cafeteria (in the morning) and lasts one hour. Check the calendar here.


All new students and those who have been legally withdrawn from the district must complete the enrollment process. Students must live with a parent or legal guardian who is a resident of the Tulsa Public Schools District or obtain an approved inter-district (out-of-district) transfer. Street School is accredited and receives in-kind support from TPS.


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