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Street School is committed to addressing the 23% of Oklahoma students that dropout of school every year between the ninth and twelfth grades. Our program proves that we can disrupt the cycle of dropping out through individualized education and therapeutic counseling. Our work results in 90% of our seniors graduating every year.

A recent study, in Building a Grad Nation, confirms that programs like Street School that focus on, “smaller, more personalized learning environments; blocked schedules in which students spend more time with fewer teachers; in academies during the critical transition year of ninth grade; or in classes or academies with a career or career technical focus” are the most effective in preventing dropouts. This is consistent with the number one solution dropouts themselves identified — making classroom learning more personalized, engaging and relevant prevents dropouts.”

Through our internship, community outreach efforts, and college readiness programs, Street School students have been serving the community as volunteers, capable employees, and as productive citizens for more than 40 years.