Wish List

Here are the “wish lists” for the 2017-18 school year!  Street School relies on office and school supply donations for our classrooms and students. Cuts to education have left this line item in our budget at zero. Your donations make our program the best it can be!


Back-to-School Overall Wishes


Counselor Wish List

Art Classroom Wishes

Culinary Group Wishes


Life Skills Classroom Wishes


Social Studies Wishes









Street School is home to the “Heart and Soul Student Store”.  This converted classroom provides donated, essential items for Street School students.  All items are complimentary to students and students can access the store with their counselor to shop. The lists below include items always in need. When specific items are requested or needed, this information is posted on our Facebook page.  For more information on donating and drop-off, contact Kelly McElroy at mcelrke@tulsaschools.org or call, 918-933-9821.

Wish List – Food Pantry (all year)

Wish List – Student Store (all year)