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eric“My name is Erick and I am a former Street School student. I   transferred to Street School during my senior year and for the first time in my high school life,   I actually liked going to school.  I began to feel accepted by my peers. Despite the fact that I could not afford the “preppie” clothes and had long hair, Street School caused me to want to apply myself more and as a result I had better grades and attitude.  I donate monthly to Street   School as my way of giving back to the school that gave me more than I could ever imagine. I am eager to support the school so its mission can continue. I give so Street School can continue to positively influence students today as it did for me so many years ago.”

–Erick H. – Street School Class of 1986

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Giving back is easy. When you become a Street School donor by giving a monthly gift, you’ll join a community of committed donors who provide ongoing support for our work in helping at-risk youth. For others, it is about giving back to the school that gave them their life back, impacted their child or provided a future.