Success Stories

pic2  Kevin suffered with depression and had been arrested for possession of drugs prior to entering Street School. His dad was an alcoholic and the history of substance abuse in his family was lengthy.  Kevin was diagnosed with ADHD but his mom took him off all meds during his school years because she thought he was better. Throughout his youth and teen years, Kevin tried lots of drugs like pot, Lortab, Ecstacy and Xanex.

Street School’s drug and alcohol treatment program helped Kevin get back on track.  His Street School counselor worked to help him understand what addiction means and connected him to resources that could be helpful. Kevin worked hard at being sober and attended weekly NA/AA meetings conducted at school.


Latisha_EOS_Mr Kitty

Latisha graduated from Street School in 2013 after attending for three years. Upon arrival, she was scared and withdrawn. Street School not only provided Latisha a high school education, but she also learned that the way she grew up was not her fault. Latisha’s childhood was fraught with poverty, which caused her to live in poor conditions, often with no food or utilities. She was frequently left alone; she was scared and afraid. Because of these circumstances, she frequently missed school.  Without Street School, Latisha would not have learned to trust again or get her education back on track.  After graduation, Latisha enrolled in community college.  She is the first person in her family to go to college.




Sean’s mother enrolled hiSean Wilson and son 1m in Street School when he was 15.  Soon after, his mother moved out of their rental home leaving Sean by himself.  Sean continued to attend Street School as it was his life-line to the counseling and resources he needed. In 1999, Sean went graduated from Street School and joined the army.  He served in Desert Storm. His first stop, while on leave, was to Street School because that was his family. Street School was the place he knew they would be proud of him and be eager to hear of his life since graduating.  Currently, Sean lives in California with his wife and kids and owns a realty company.  Last year Sean told us the reason he adopted a child was because that’s what Street School had done for him and he wanted to pay it forward.



Bell_Amber HerChoice PSFor the first 2 1/2 years of high school, Amber was enrolled but wasn’t really there. “I just gave up,” she said. “I just felt like there was no purpose.” Day in and day out while in school, she did nothing. When Amber was in the eighth grade, her oldest brother was killed. Her brother was the mother and father figure in her life that took care of everything. When he died, life changed. After driving past Street School for several years on her way to East Central High School, she decided to look up Street School online and learn what it was about. She liked what she read, stopped at Street School, enrolled and life changed again. “The push I needed to engage in my education again happened at Street School. Teachers and counselors wanted me to succeed. They could see something in myself when I couldn’t.” Amber graduated in 2014 and is on her way to becoming a pharmacist. She took courses at Tulsa Tech while attending Street School to obtain her pharmacy technician certificate.