Transforming Lives Building Healthy Minds Creating Opportunities

About Us

Our Mission

Street School is a non-profit alternative education and counseling program that transforms lives by building healthy minds, creating opportunities, and preparing students for the future.

What We Do

Street School began as a “drop-in” center in 1973 in a building near 13th and Cincinnati in downtown, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Street School combines alternative education and therapeutic counseling and is Oklahoma’s longest running and most successful dropout prevention and intervention program. In 1995, the Oklahoma legislature implemented Street School’s best practices as criteria for all Oklahoma alternative programs. Those best practices are still in place today and are used by other programs across Oklahoma and the U.S. Street School operates as a non-profit agency through a partnership with Tulsa Public Schools and serves an average of 200 students ages 14-19 annually. Street School attempts to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing at-risk students with the academic and emotional skills needed to achieve their potential and become responsible and productive citizens. Research has shown that low-income is the number one driver for high school dropouts and the growth and spread of concentrated poverty in our schools and neighborhoods has enormous consequences for our most disadvantaged students.

Guiding Principles

The four pillars of Street School’s guiding principles are:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Personal Accountability
  • Direct Communication
  • Community

Adhering to these principles helps ensure a peaceful, safe atmosphere, a cohesive environment and an enriching learning experience. To ensure that each student receives a quality education, each student is required to read and agree to the four guiding principles.

Our Programs

Academics – The World is Our Classroom
Street School incorporates research-based principles into all academics. The teaching methods, classroom environments, activities and school outings are all based on the latest scientific research on how the brain learns.  The World Is Our Classroom approach provides students the opportunity to learn through real life experiences and reinforces classroom learning. Field trips, wilderness adventures, internships, and community service learning outreach programs are ongoing for the entire school year.  Through these experiences, students gain knowledge and develop skills in team building, communication, and leadership while learning about their world.

Therapeutic Counseling Program
Our founders understood that if a student’s personal and emotional needs are not addressed then their ability to focus in school is diminished. Academics can quickly become secondary due to a variety of circumstances and frequently, problems that surface at Street School have been unaddressed in public schools or a student’s home.  

Counseling is a critical part of the Street School program and each student is assigned a counselor that is a licensed professional. Students meet regularly with their assigned counselor for therapy and connections to essential community resources, college applications and opportunities beyond high school.

First-Offender Program
Students participating in the First-Offender Program have been identified by juvenile courts as having committed acts that do not warrant adjudication, but require intervention with a focus on preventing future offenses. The program enables individuals to resolve conflicts positively; assume responsibility and realize consequences for their actions. Participants gain a clear understanding and insight into peer pressure and impulsive behavior. This program is only for first offenders under the age of 18.