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About Us

Established in 1973, Street School combines alternative education and therapeutic counseling and is Oklahoma’s longest running and most successful dropout prevention and intervention program. Street School operates as a non-profit agency through a partnership with Tulsa Public Schools and serves an average of 200 students ages 14-19 annually. Street School attempts to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing at-risk students with the academic and emotional skills needed to achieve their potential and become responsible and productive citizens. Research has shown that low-income is the number one driver for high school dropouts and the growth and spread of concentrated poverty in our schools and neighborhoods has enormous consequences for our most disadvantaged students.

  • Goal: to prevent our neediest youth from dropping out of high school and to prepare them for college/technical school and/or the workforce
  • Outcomes: 90% of seniors, on average, graduate each year
  • Need: 4,000 students drop out each year in the Tulsa area starting in ninth grade; 60% of Street School students live in households where the annual income is less than $27,000

Dropouts have a tremendous social and economic impact on the community…

  • 25% of dropouts over age 25 live in poverty
  • 71% of Oklahoma inmates did not graduate from high school